In the name of noise, the gods knew, one day it should had happen and this was the day Kilgorin arised from silence and silence will never be there again!

It was on a warm summer's evening. It seemed to be an normal meeting with friends and drinking lots of beer. But further in the night, sitting with their beer around the fireplace knowing each other playing different instruments, one of them just asked why not starting a new band influenced by their idols of music. Said as a joke it has gone real and no one wouldn't have missed it. At first they were only 3, Mr. Beer, Ruben and Schiessbude (engl. Shooting Range). After a short period of time and after some song-creations their was something missing...right, a bass. So The search started. Asking here, putting infos there, but nothing. Some weekends of further practicing past and driven nuts by alcohol Mr. Beer remembered one man, everyone of the rest knows, of playing bass...Unhold! No time to wait, so he was invited for the next session and since this moment he took place in front of the drums as the bass player of Kilgorin.