Mordrak's "Nebelkang" released!
After a long time of silence i got some good news. Mordrak has finally released the Album "Nebelklang" in a Digi-Pack format. (

Update: the webcam is temporarily active again

Webserver down/-change
Wie sich jetzt leider rausgestellt hat, hat Metalprovider ihren Dienst leider eingestellt (aus Zeit und Geld gründen) und ich versuche grade die page auf einen anderen Server zu legen. Also momentan ist noch nicht alles von der page erreichbar. Habt ein wenig Geduld. Greetings Farmi.

i thank the Metalheads of Metalprovider for the long time keeping my page up. Keep On Banging Guys.

Pics of Metal Party XVI
You can find pics of the Metal Party XVI, where Mordrak played, on the locations homepage.
Concert Pics
Small Festival in Bremen
On 23.10.04 will be a small underground festival in Bremen.
For more infos see the flyer.

UPDATE: look into the guestbook for more events. Support The Underground!

MORDRAK are going to play a concert together with MATHYR, CONTRADICTION and THE DAMNATION on 18.09.2004 in the JUZ Leer.
We hope for a lot of metalheads!
After a long time, another sign of life.

The Mordrak-EP "Der Freie Geist" (CD-Version, 3eur + shipping) is officially released and can be ordered from the band or from me. ->
Wacken 2002
I've put a few new Wacken'02 pics on the page.
Small Page-Update
I've done a small restructuring of the page. Hope everything works satisfying for you all.

I'm trying to put some new pics of the Wacken Festivals on the page, too, in a couple of days i think...
The Mordrak-EP "Der Freie Geist" will be released as a 200 copies limited CD-Version (3,-eur + shipping). Preorders can be made by eMail >>